About Our Founder

CrewTel-USA in Linthicum, Maryland, runs an airport hotel chain that only accommodates airline crew. It is founded by Saad Moubarak, a veteran with more than 25 years of experience in the field of hospitality and business service management.

Extensive Hospitality Experience

Mr. Moubarak has led service operations on national and international levels. His experience includes service accommodations for the United States Military agencies and contractors, the United Kingdom IMS contracting agencies, as well as service accommodations with the world’s premier hotels and resorts in both the US and Europe.


As CrewTel-USA paves its way to the national stage with airliners and international airports, Mr. Moubarak is deeply committed to continue serving every burdened crew member. He is looking to open 20 new CrewTel-USA franchises in the coming year.
Contact us in Linthicum, Maryland, to book a hotel accommodation and have a good night’s rest after a long, tiring trip.